General Bible Literacy Quiz

1) How many books are in the Bible?
a) Seventy-seven
b) Sixty-six
c) Thirty-nine

2) Who saw the Lord in a burning bush?
a) Moses
b) Elijah
c) Paul

3) Jesus cast out seven demons from whom?
a) The daughter of Jairus
b) Simon Peter
c) Mary Magdalene

4) Unto us a child is born, unto us a child is given...Who said this of the arrival of Christ?
a) Joseph
b) Isaiah
c) Elizabeth

5) Who dreamed about a ladder from earth to heaven with angels climbing up and down on it?
a) Jacob
b) Joseph
c) Saint John

6) Who delivered the Sermon on the Mount?
a) Moses
b) Paul
c) Jesus

7) Abel kept sheep. What was Cain's occupation?
a) Farmer
b) Carpenter
c) Potter

8) Who had a coat of many colors?
a) Jesus
b) Joseph
c) Aaron

9) Who made a golden calf while Moses was up on the mountain with God?
a) The Philistines
b) Aaron
c) Abijah

10) Judas Iscariot received thirty pieces of silver for betraying Jesus. How much was that worth in those days?
a) A small fortune
b) The price of a slave
c) A day's wages

11) Where did Jesus perform His first miracle?
a) At a wedding
b) In the temple
c) On a mountain top

12) Which two books of the Bible were written by a doctor?
a) Numbers and Deuteronomy
b) Proverbs and Ecclesiastes
c) Luke and Acts

13) Whose tomb was Jesus buried in?
a) Jesus'
b) Joseph of Arimathea's
c) Golgotha's

14) Who walked on water?
a) Jesus
b) Peter
c) Both of the above

15) On which side of the Garden of Eden did God place Cherubim and a flaming sword?
a) The east
b) The west
c) The south

16) What is the test of a true prophet of God?
a) 100 percent accuracy in his predictions
b) What you feel in your spirit listening to him
c) 100 percent accuracy and total alignment with the written Word of God

17) Which Old Testament prophet married a prostitute because God told him to?
a) Hosea
b) Daniel
c) Ezekiel

18) Who sold his birthright for a bowl of stew?
a) Jacob
b) Esau
c) Samson

19) Which two people did not die?
a) Adam and Eve
b) Saint John and Saint Paul
c) Elijah and Enoch

20) Eutychus was sitting on the windowsill during a sermon that got so longwinded that he nodded off and fell out the window. Who was preaching?
a) Jesus
b) Paul
c) The Scribes and Pharisees

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