Books Of The Old Testament Quiz

1) The story of the successor to Moses is told in which book?
a) Judges
b) Joshua
c) Leviticus

2) Which book is also known as "The Book of the Law of the Priests?
a) Numbers
b) Deuteronomy
c) Leviticus

3) Which book is also known as Canticles?
a) Psalms
b) Chronicles
c) Song of Solomon

4) Which is the shortest book in the Old Testament?
a) Jonah
b) Ruth
c) Obadiah

5) Which book is regarded as an appendix to the book of Jeremiah?
a) Lamentations
b) Proverbs
c) Ezekiel

6) Which of these is not an Old Testament book?
a) Haggai
b) Hebrews
c) Amos

7) The story of King David's great grandmother is told in which book?
a) Judges
b) Ruth
c) Samuel

8) In which book did God give permission to Satan to afflict a man?
a) Jonah
b) Genesis
c) Job

9) Which two prophetical books concern the rebuilding of the Temple?
a) Micah and Isaiah
b) Haggai and Zechariah
c) Nahum and Habakkuk

10) Which is the last book in the Christian arrangement of the Old Testament?
a) Revelation
b) 2 Chronicles
c) Malachi

11) The Ten Commandments are found in which two books?
a) Exodus and Leviticus
b) Exodus and Deuteronomy
c) Leviticus and Numbers

12) Who wrote the first five books of the Old Testament?
a) Adam
b) Abraham
c) Moses

13) Which book begins with "These are the names..."?
a) Numbers
b) Exodus
c) 1 Kings

14) A beauty contest is first mentioned in which book of the Bible?
a) Esther
b) Genesis
c) 1 Kings

15) The Hebrew (Jewish) Scriptures are divided into three parts. What are they in English?
a) Law, Prophets and Writings
b) History, Poems and Predictions
c) Torah, Nevi'im and Ketuvim

16) The story of David's close friendship with Jonathan is told in which book?
a) 1 Kings
b) Psalms
c) 1 Samuel

17) Who wrote the book of Ecclesiastes?
a) Solomon
b) Jeremiah
c) David

18) The name of which book means "Yah has saved"?
a) Isaiah
b) Joshua
c) Both of the above

19) Which Old Testament Prophet does not have his own book in the Bible?
a) Zephaniah
b) Nahum
c) Elijah

20) A harp is mentioned in the Bible for the first time in which book?
a) Psalms
b) Genesis
c) 1 Samuel

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