Who Am I? - New Testament People Quiz

1) I was one of the 70 disciples and a prophet. Two of my prophesies and their fulfillments are recorded in the book of Acts. One of them was about a great famine. My name in Hebrew is Chagab and it means "locust" in English. Who am I?

a) Agabus
b) Paul
c) Gabriel
d) James

2) I was born in Cana of Galilee. My name means "given of God". I was also known as Barthomew (son of Talmei). I was one of the original 12 diciples of Jesus. When I was introduced to Jesus by Philip, Jesus said of me, "Behold, an Israelite indeed in whom there is no deceit". Who am I?

a) John
b) Peter
c) Nathaniel
d) Mathew

3) I was a disciple at Troas. Paul left his cloak, some books and parchments with me. I am only mentioned once in the New Testament by Paul in a letter to Timothy, but Hippolytus mentions me as the bishop of Berytus in Thrace. Who am I?

a) Eunice
b) Carpus
c) Lois
d) Hermogenes

4) I was a servant of the High Priest. When Jesus was being arrested in the Garden of Gethsemane, Peter drew his sword and cut off my right ear. But Jesus told Peter to put his sword away and He healed my ear. Who am I?

a) Malchus
b) Judas
c) Caiaphas
d) Pontius Pilate

5) My Hebrew name means "splendid". I was a ruler in a synagogue in Galilee. My daughter was restored to health and life by Jesus. Who am I?

a) John Mark
b) Thomas
c) Herodius
d) Jairus

6) My name means "fullness of God". I was the wife of Zacharias, a priest of the course of Abijah. I was the mother of John the Baptist who was born to me when I was advanced in years and barren. Mary, the mother of Jesus, was my cousin. When she came to visit me while pregnant with Jesus I was inspired by the Holy Spirit to utter the Magnificant. Who am I?

a) Mary Magdalene
b) Elizabeth
c) Joanna
d) Lois

7) My name is the feminine form of the name of two Roman Emporers. I was a British maiden, the wife of Pudens, daughter of King Cogidubnus, an ally of Rome. My husband and I were friends of Paul and Timothy at Rome. We were mentioned by Paul in a letter to Timothy, along with our friend, Linus. Nothing else is mentioned about us in the Bible, but Martial, a Spanish poet, who lived in Rome around 66 A.D., mentions us and Linus as friends of his, as well. Who am I?

a) Claudia
b) Tabitha
c) Priscilla
d) Crescens

8) I was the Roman governor of Judea from 53 - 60 A.D. Originally, I was a slave, freed by the Emporer Claudius. My name is Latin and means "happy". My wife's name was Drusilla. I kept Paul in prison for 2 years, hoping his friends would buy his liberty with a big bribe. I was eventually recalled to Rome and replaced by Festus. Who am I?

a) Porcius
b) Agrippa
c) Demetrius
d) Felix

9) My name means "strong man". I was Peter's brother. At first I was a disciple of John the Baptist until I began following Jesus on the basis of John's testimony that Jesus is the Messiah. I informed my brother Peter that I had found the Christ. Who am I?

a) Philip
b) Jude
c) Andrew
d) Paul

10) My name means "son of the father". I was condemned to die for murder and sedition. Pontius Pilate asked the assembled crowd who they would like released to them - me or Jesus who is called Christ. They chose me. Who am I?

a) Barabbas
b) Barnabus
c) Simon the Cyrene
d) Simon Peter

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